Lubricants and Greases

Global stuff and grease Total Quality Assurance through testing, inspection, regulatory consulting and certification services remain our special tasks.
Lubricants and Greases

Lubricants and greases keep the worldwide industrial economy moving. Ensuring quality and sturdiness necessities area unit achieved helps maintain dependable operations for machinery and alternative instrumentation.

For shoppers United Nations agency operate or maintain machinery and systems, we offer an entire vary of oil condition watching (OCM) services.

We monitor the condition of fluids used in critical equipment to identify potential failures. Intertek technical experts interpret the data to deliver high-value information that enables our clients to make timely decisions on the maintenance of their assets.

Lubricant control testing includes stuff analysis programs for large, high-value engines and drive-trains, turbines, ships, trains, generators, offshore platforms, and other valuable machinery.

We are a leader in lubricant testing for standardized gasoline and diesel engines, engine and drive-train endurance, durability testing and more.