Definition of Our Product Types


A substance value-added to one thing in little quantities to enhance or preserve it.


Compounds derived from ammonia. They contain a basic atomic number 7 atom and might be organic or inorganic.


We deal in monomers which are basically a repeating unit in a polymer chain.


This is an organic compound consisting majorly of carbons and hydrogen. The carbon atoms which are arranged in straight and branched chain cum ring structures are available with us at just a click.


We deal in inorganics which includes essential minerals which are mostly composed of matter other than plant or animal.


we have sophisticated and concentrated chemicals derived from both plant and animal fats. Contact us for all your oleochemicals that are analogous to petrochemicals and petroleum jelly derivatives.


Our oils are non-polar chemical substances. It comprises viscous liquids at ambient temperatures at hydrophobic levels (immiscible with water, lipophilic (miscible with others and otherwise. We have all varieties of oils at our stables for sale.


We have quality polymers which are often formed when identical simple molecules otherwise called monomers come together to link up in a chain-like manner. We carry out the process of forming the polymer through the chemical reaction called polymerization.


Pigments are essential materials that alter the colour of reflective and transmitted light owing to the consequences of wavelength hand-picked absorption. We have different physical and composition from fluorescence and phosphorescence.


We have plasticizers and other organic compounds added to a high polymer in order to facilitate the processing and the enhancement of the flexibility and the tensile rigidity of the final product by internal alteration, modification, readjustment and solvation of the polymer molecule.


We sell and supply silica which is the hard, unreactive, odourless, colourless and compound that occurs as the mineral quartz and as a prominent and formidable constituent of sandstone and other calibre of rocks.


We have all the shades of silicones our customers might require. Apart from the number of polymers containing alternate silicon and oxygen atoms, we deal in creating the organic groups attached to the silicon atoms in our laboratory. We equally have such compounds that are typically resistant to chemical opposition and typically insensitive to high or undulating temperature.


Our laboratories have Surfactants which are short forms of surface-active agents used typically as chemicals capable of reducing the surface tension of mixed water.

Solvent Blends

Apart from the silica and silicones for sale, we have solvent which is the concerted mixture of liquids that gives the desired flow or evaporation properties in our composition for sale.


A compound containing a substance (typically organic) warranted to a central metal atom at 2 or additional points.


We major in dispensing solvents which are substances capable of dissolving other substances called the solute in order to form a uniformly dispersed mixture called the solution at the molecular and deeply ionic size level for sale, purchase, supply and testing.

Aviation Fuel Additives.

These can be used additionally as aviation fuels for the improvement of fuel performance. They eliminate and eradicate undesirable effects that meets all your flying requirements.  Additives is also enclosed in aviation fuels to enhance fuel performance usually by eliminating undesirable effects or to fulfill specific needs of bound craft or airline operators.