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Philux Chemical serves the industry with a various array of services, from chemical testing and practice to examination. With chemicals used in almost every product and facet of our daily lives, it is important to ensure they are produced efficiently and in compliance with regulatory standards. Possible health hazards ought to be known and assessed at each step of the world offer chain. 

With new challenges at every corner of your business from complex manufacturing to new governing requirements, Philux Chemicals ensure you get to market quickly and responsibly. 

For all phases of your chemical products’ life cycle, our international network of scientists, inspectors, auditors, engineers and regulatory experts have the requisite expertise and experience to assist you and your organization to fit regulatory and safety needs, manage risk, maintain product integrity, and meet sustainability and environmental goals. 

We assist you take a look at and analyze all things chemical, no matter how complex. Chemical producing itself also can be difficult with valuable infrastructures and specialist instrumentality.

At Philux Chemicals, our corrosion and asset integrity experts provide testing and consulting on the life management of chemical manufacturing facilities and on vital equipment in hazardous locations to lower the risk of fabric and quality failure and support the general safety of your operations. Philux Chemical’s agrochemical and chemical regulatory practice, testing and cargo inspection services can support your business, from innovation to the marketplace

To facilitate global trade, Philux Chemicals' are unique experts in developing new trends
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Lubricants and Greases
Global stuff and grease Total Quality Assurance through testing, inspection, regulatory consulting and certification services remain our special tasks.
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Our Markets: Bringing quality to life
We are able to evaluate how your products and services meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards.
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Polymer Applications
Polymers and plastics area unit a number of the foremost versatile materials living and area unit utilized in all aspects of our daily lives.
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Polymer Product Processing Development Support
Our laboratory-scale chemical compound process facility will support you in product and method development.
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Polymer Regulatory and Consulting Services
We can also help you navigate the complex world of regulation. Our regulatory consultants are experts in industry regulations and guidelines
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Polymers and Plastics Chemical Testing
Our experts can advise on formulation development, competitor material de-formulation, comparative analysis of blends, regulatory submission data requirements and how polymer additives relate to performance.
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Physical and Mechanical Testing of Plastics
Our insight will assist you to know however appropriate the materials area unit for application and the way they age.
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Plastics and Polymers
Philux Chemicals' polymers and plastics services can help you to improve and qualify materials and products and meet worldwide regulatory requirements.
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Our Operations across the entire supply chain
We support petrochemical production, process engineering, cargo logistics operations, facility and equipment integrity management as well as product and personnel certification on a global basis.
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Petrochemicals Testing
Philux Chemicals is a high net worth industry leader in providing global petrochemical testing, sampling, and facility inspection services.
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We deliver Total Quality Assurance to the petrochemical industry through our expert testing, inspection and consulting services.
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